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Unlock Superior Laundry Solutions with us.

Gillman’s commercial with our extensive experience are you realiable partner in providing commercial washing machines, tumble dryers and finishing equipment to the care sector

Care Homes:

With over 50 years of providing the care sector with washing machines, tumble dyers, bedpan washers, dishwashers and detergents it’s safe to say we can call ourselves the laundry experts.

We make sure all our recommendations comply not only with WRAS and CQC compliance (HTM 01-04 standards) but in the current climate, we are sure to offer machines that can improve your homes environmental compliance and keep running costs low.

From professional washing machines that weigh the loads and can differentiate between highly absorbent towels to less absorbent polycotton bedding, that automatically adjust the amount of water and detergent (If machine is auto dosed), Then to heat pump tumble dryers that use the latest technology to dry loads more efficiently saving you money whilst being greener.

Beyond supplying machines, we know that quick support is also required when machines fail so we offer a same day / next day service & repair package to suit your existing machines or new machines,

We can also offer machines on a rental or lease package where service and repair are included in a fixed monthly amount.

Whatever size site or type of care you’re delivering we can provide a bespoke solution ensuring hygienically clean linen every time, protecting your residents and staff whilst providing peace of mind knowing support is always on hand.

As an example, Gillman’s Commercial are proud members and sponsors of both Care and Support west the Devon care homes collaborative whom combined represent hundreds of care homes across the South West.

FAQs for the HealthCare Sector

Do your machines confirm to WRAS cat 5 and HTM01-04 guidance?

Yes, we can offer a wide range of washers that conform to the current CQC guidance in terms of drainage, use of red bags and reaching correct heat levels to ensure thermal disinfection.

Are you able to assist my care home with what we need in term of machine sizes?

Yes, if your unsure what machines you need simply let us know how many residents you are registered for and what type of home you are (residential, support living, dementia etc) and we can talk you through the options

We own our laundry/ dishwashing machines already, can you look after them?

With over 55 years of experience in laundry there are few machines we have not worked on, so the answer is most probably yes.

We can offer numerous options around service and maintenance, why not contact us and we can send one of our team to your site and provide a no obligation quote for service and maintenance, we are partners for many of the leading brands so as long as parts are still available we can look after them.

Can you improve the infection control of my home?

Yes and not just with laundry, we provide and wide range of dishwashers with 80 degree rinse cycles, bed pan washers and commercial refrigeration, we can also offer of wide range of laundry chemicals that can provide chemical disinfection at lower temperatures rather than normal thermal disinfection using high heat.

We need to update our laundry, can you help with planning it?

Certainly with 50 years of experience we can provide a full solution package from planning to installation and the ongoing support, we follow the RABC En14065 8 step laundry process allowing for a dirty to clean direction of flow in the laundry.

Are your machines energy efficient as we need to improve the homes green footprint?

Yes, We are able to supply machines that weigh loads, reduce time and energy accordingly. Our machines also check absorbency further reducing water consumption, Couple this with the latest heat pump dryers and we can really start to show demonstrable savings in energy water and detergent.

What else can offer beyond washers and dryers?

For the healthcare sector we are able to offer a wide range of products and services such as washing machines, tumble dryers and finishing equipment,  Gillmans can also supply auto-dosing chemicals to ensure consistent wash quality, In the kitchens we can also provide commercial dishwashers and commercial refrigeration (including lockable medicine fridges). Not only can Gillman’s provide all of that we are able to deal with infection control via our bedpan washers.

If we have a D & V outbreak service is critical to getting on top of the laundry how soon will you come out if we have a problem?

We are only too well aware how quickly the problem of a washer or a dryer failing impacts the home, especially during or just after a D & V outbreak where the laundry staff are struggling to get on top of everything, our normal service level is same day or next day and coupled with a very high first time fix we are very confident in our ability to support you home.

Can you assist with the design and layout of laundry rooms in healthcare facilities?

Certainly. Our experts can assist in designing and optimizing laundry room layouts that are efficient, space-saving, and compliant with HTM 01-04 guidelines.

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