Lagoon® Advanced Care

Experience the new vibe in Professional Textile Care.

Wet cleaning has never been so simple
and effective

Time has come to bid farewell towards perchlorethylene and other noxious chemicals.
Enjoy the new vibes of fast, easy and green. Regardless of the fabric or the manufacturer,
load after load lagoon® Advanced Care will provide a stress-free operation with proven
quality results and guaranteed profitability.

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The ultimate solution for cleaning delicate garments, leathers, and shoes

When you choose lagoon® Advanced Care you embrace a new vibe of unique benefits and advantages like you have never experienced before

Perfect and fast results
– Dry-to-Dry in 1 hour

Smart detergents and innovative
processes enable garments to
get dried in the dryer with no
hang-drying required. Fully dried
garments are wrinkle-free and
easy to finish.

Rapid return on investiment
– lagoon Advance Care takes care of your business

With a higher loading factor, less prespotting,
easier finishing and faster process time.

Unique user experience
– Modern and Intuitive Interface

The new ClarusVibe control guarantees
smooth interaction, providing a smart
and effortless way to manage the lagoon

Smart and green
– say goodbye to solvent-based cleaning

Every type of garment and textile. most types
of leather and even shoes can be treated with
lagoon Advanced Care for optimum care, in a
true eco-friendly way

Innovation is the driver
of great performance

Your needs play a major role in every phase of our core developments.
This time we took our lagoon® Advanced Care solution one step further, enhancing its capability to offer you new revenue opportunities. Choose lagoon® Advanced Care and experience quality, performance, and profitability in a a truly sustainable way.

Fast process time and easy
operations, reliable quality results
on all textiles, efficiency in the use
of the equipment and utilities
– we know how much all this
is critical to your success as a
professional cleaner.
Don’t take shortcuts, ensure your
business quality and profitability.
Day after day.

Trust the experience of
Industry Leadership

Resulting from over 20 years of expertise in professional textile care,
lagoon® Advanced Care is the first 1-hour-Dry2Dry – wet cleaning system ensuring results not only on delicate
garments and textiles, but also on leathers and shoes.

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