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High-quality Laundry Equipment

At Gillman’s we excel in delivering top-tier laundry equipment specifically designed for the distinct requirments of the animal care industry.

Animal Care:
Our Commitment to Excellence

At Gillman’s we understand the variety of challenges posed by Vet & Equine washing processes and can provide solutions to ensure that you have the most appropriate machines for the intended use.

For vet surgeries, pet hair can be your worst enemy and without the right drainage mechanisms you can be left needing multiple replacement pumps etc.

In the equine environment, horse rugs can really give your machines a battering if not managed correctly. Programming and machine selection is key to protecting your machine from excessive and avoidable wear & tear.

We also acknowledge the wide range of specialist requirements within this sector. For example, we have equipment to handle microfibre cloths used in the dairy process to avoid cows developing mastitis. Whatever the requirements, we believe that there is always a machine to suit and programmes to get the correct results.

We can assist with automatic detergent dosing to reduce manual handling of chemicals, to reduce costs by ensuring consistency of dosing and to get consistent results.

Our payment methods are flexible, we can offer purchase, lease or rent opportunities with various aftercare packages to protect your investment.

With a free visit to survey your site and a conversation with our expert sales team, we are confident that we can find the solution for you and your budget.

FAQs for the Animal Care Sector

What’s different to the machines that go to the Animal sector?

Depending on the usage, machines can vary significantly. For example, washing machines for horse rugs require rigid mount machines bolted to the floor to avoid spinning issues with heavy items. Certain brands are known for reliability in specific sectors, such as the Miele Professional little giants with a proven track record in veterinary practices.

Washing Winter Coats, Numnahs, and Bandages for Your Horse Rug Business?

Yes, at Gillman’s Commercial, we provide a range of machines specifically designed for washing equine products, including the option for auto dosing with products like Nikwax. When it comes to washing horse rugs, it’s important to consider machine size (around 18kgs) to accommodate multiple winter coats and allow for easy loading. Our horse rug machines are rigidly mounted and require bolting down to secure them on at least 150mm of solid concrete. With our expertise in this field, our team can offer advice on-site without any obligation.

What to consider when running a boarding kennel for cats and dogs.

At Gillman’s Commercial, we understand the importance of robustness, infection control, and proper drainage when it comes to washing heavy bedding that may be covered in hair and potential infections. Our gravity drain machines are ideal for handling lots of hair and feces, while also providing the necessary build quality and voltage for thermal disinfection at around 70 degrees. With auto dosed detergents, you can prolong bedding life and achieve effective cleaning results.

Can you provide guidance on selecting the right laundry equipment for animal care businesses, including stables and boarding kennels?

Let Gillman’s Commercial experts help you select the ideal commercial laundry equipment to meet your specific needs and laundry volume, ensuring smooth and efficient operations.

I am worried about my animals health, will your machines improve their wellbeing ?

Ensure your animals’ health with Gillman’s Commercial machines. Our advanced technology guarantees that bedding, blankets, and rugs are washed thoroughly, preventing the spread of harmful bacteria, parasites, and viruses. With our specially formulated laundry chemicals, we can not only clean, waterproof, and disinfect every time but also provide a cost-effective and environmentally friendly solution in terms of water and energy usage.

Can You Maintain My Existing Machines?

With over 55 years of experience in laundry there are few machines we have not worked on, so the answer is most probably yes.

We can offer numerous options around service and maintenance, why not contact us and we can send one of our team to your site and provide a no obligation quote for service and maintenance, we are partners for many of the leading brands so as long as parts are still available we can look after them.

Can You Provide a Professional Review at My Site?

No problem at all, it’s common at some point in the process to survey the location for machine placement, ensuring space and necessary utilities like water, electricity, gas for dryers, and drainage are available. After discussing your requirements on-site, we can provide a tailored solution that aligns with your needs and the services offered at your location. Simply click the yellow “Free Quotation” button to get started..

Do You Have Any Experiences in Veterinary Practices?

As Miele and Electrolux partners we deal with some of the biggest veterinary groups such as Medivet, IVC and CVS as well as many small independent practices, regardless of size we can offer not only the correct machine to provide clean & infection free laundry but also the service to back it up.

Can You Help Clean My Dairy Farm Cloths?

At Gillman’s Commercial, we can help clean your dairy farm cloths effectively. Traditional high-temperature washing can cause cloths to deteriorate quickly, impacting productivity and energy costs. Our solutions involve washing at 40 degrees with specialized chemicals like peracetic acid to eliminate mastitis-causing bacteria, ensuring excellent infection control, prolonging cloth life, increasing production, and reducing running costs compared to high-temperature methods.

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